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Comey and Mueller: Russiagate’s Mythical Heroes

Coleen Rowley — The Unz Review June 8, 2017 Mainstream commentators display amnesia when they describe former FBI Directors Robert Mueller and James Comey...




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Memorial Day Requires a Rethink

henrymakow.com — May 28, 2017 Veterans: Heroes, Mercenaries or Dupes? Click to enlarge May 29 is Memorial Day in the USA If central bankers start wars...

Trump Speech A Goldmine Of Hypocrisy, Propaganda And Outrageous Lies

by Patrick J McShay — Operation Disclosure Sept 20, 2017 “If Iran were to acquire nuclear weapons, this could presage catastrophic consequences, not only...

Endgame in Afghanistan?

News Commentary — Aug 12, 2018 The US recently sent more troops to Afghanistan but they have been unable to stop Taliban advances. Click...

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Government Accidentally Sends Files on “Remote Mind Control” to Journalist

Vigilant Citizen — April 20, 2018 A journalist who requested documents using the Freedom of Information Act received additional files on “remote mind control” and...

Irony Alert: A Thousand Private Jets Deliver Globalist Elite to Davos for Climate Change...

Virginia Hale — Breibart.com Jan 24, 2018 More than 1,000 private jet flights have been delivering globalist elites to the World Economic Forum (WEF)...

Powder Keg Paris

Andrew Malone — Daily Mail July 27, 2018 Saint-Dennis, home to as many as 300,000 illegal migrants. Click to enlarge On a steamy summer’s night,...

Trump’s Announced Strategy for Occupying Syria

Eric Zuesse — Global Research Jan 31, 2018 David Satterfield. Click to enlarge “The President has committed, as a matter of strategy, that we will...

Are all pharmaceuticals designed for population control?

S.D. Wells — Natural News Sept 24, 2018 What’s the fourth leading cause of death in the United States? Don’t guess heart attacks, cancer,...


Syria – Erdogan (Again) Switches Sides – Delivers New Supplies For...

Moon of Alabama — Jan 11, 2018 Turkey, in line with U.S. services, decided to block the current Syrian advance in south-east Idleb. Yesterday...