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France, Germany want Iran to reverse ballistic missile program

Introduction — Dec 4, 2017 Iran’s Sejil-2 missile, which has a range of 2,000 kilometres If France and Germany think that Iran will comply with...




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Brain damage in newborns dropped dramatically after non-stick cookware chemicals were banned

Ralph Flores — Natural News Dec 20, 2017 Great food is one that’s made naturally from preparation to serving, and it has been a...

Saudi Arabia to behead disabled man

Will Worley — The Independent May 27, 2017 Munir-al-Adam. Click to enlarge A court in Saudi Arabia has upheld a death sentence for a disabled...

Stockholm metro station explosion kills one and injures another

AFP — Jan 7, 2018 One person died and another was slightly hurt after an explosion outside a metro station in a Stockholm suburb,...

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Bill Gates Warns That A Devastating Pandemic Is Right Around The Corner

Andy Campbell — Huffington Post Feb 18, 2017 A pandemic is one of the world’s top three threats, and if not prepared for, could...

Kat Von D’s Wedding Was an Occult Elite Ritual

Vigilant Citizen — June 12, 2018 Kat Von D’s wedding with Rafael Reyes was described as a “breathtaking goth wonderland” by magazines. But there...

As Trump Moves Toward War, ‘The Resistance’ Refuses to Resist

Michael Krieger — Russia Insider March 26, 2018 Mike Pompeo, former CIA Director and now U.S.Secretary of State. Click to enlarge Tuesday’s post, It’s Impossible to...

Why the bombardment of Ghouta won’t stop any time soon

Robert Fisk — The Independent Feb 23, 2018 Syrian Army tanks deployed in the Jobar neighbourhood of Damascus. Click to enlarge Syria continues to mass...

A review of Godfree Roberts’ yin-yang Xi-Trump crystal ball predictions.

Jeff Brown for the Saker blog — Nov 13, 2017 Cross-linked with: http://chinarising.puntopress.com/2017/11/13/a-review-of-godfree-roberts-yin-yang-xi-trump-crystal-ball-predictions-china-rising-radio-sinoland-171113/ https://youtu.be/2YrPvTVtKEc https://soundcloud.com/44-days/a-review-of-godfree-roberts-yin-yang-xi-trump-crystal-ball-predictions-china-rising-radio-sinoland Love, hate, war, peace, the good, the bad and the ugly?...


Satellite images show ‘new Iranian base’ outside Damascus to house missiles...

Raf Sanchez — Telegraph.co.uk Feb 28, 2018 Jabal ash Sharqi near Damascus. Click to enlarge Satellite images reportedly show Iran has established a base outside...