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Every day governments pass new laws banning opposition to Israel as “anti semitic.”
Numerous states have outlawed Boycott and Divestment using the same term. 
No one can justify genocide, but the stigma attached to this term is devious mind control. Anti semitism is legitimate resistance to the pernicious agenda of organized Jewry and Freemasonry, i.e. the NWO.
Most Jews and non-Jews are unaware that since antiquity Jews consistently have been reviled for good reason. 
Judaism is governed by Cabala which is Satanism. The essence of Judaism is to take God’s place, destroy Christianity and dispossess non-Jews culturally and materially, goals exemplified by Communism which rabbis equate with Judaism. First, Jews have been possessed by this satanic cult; then society as a whole, (thanks to Freemasonry, liberals and the mass media.) We are witnessing the effect daily in social and moral degradation and in unopposed Zionist hegemony.
“Anti-Semitism is not an irrational hatred or sickness in the Gentile soul, as Jews imagine. It is a healthy defense mechanism of mainly Christian and Moslem nations, cultures, races and religions that are threatened by a gradual and insidious process of extinction (i.e. world government.)”

The Riddle of Anti Semitism

Updated from March 17, 2009 — by Henry Makow Ph.D.

“We’re being flooded by Jews,” a Canadian immigration officer remarked to his associate .
The year was 1951. He was checking the papers of a young couple with a baby.
My father understood English. He had narrowly survived the Jewish holocaust by passing as a Pole. This was his welcome to Canada.
Luckily it was not a harbinger. We encountered little discrimination and my family prospered.
Nonetheless, my parents wanted to assimilate. They gave their children English-sounding names and hardly associated with the Jewish community. The extent of our Jewish observance was that my mother lit the candles on Friday and we celebrated the major holidays.
My parents rarely spoke of my grandparents who had perished. They seemed to regard being Jewish as a curse.
I did assimilate. It’s ironic therefore that my father had disowned me because I tried to understand anti Semitism other than in simplistic terms. (We have since reconciled.)
Nothing can justify the Nazi policy of genocide but you’d think Jews would want to understand how a catastrophe of this magnitude occurred. How else can we ensure ordinary Jews will not be sacrificed as “burnt offerings” again?


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