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By Michael Hoffman — Revisionist Review Sept 23, 2017

Oren Teicher, CEO
The American Booksellers Association
White Plains, New York 10604

Dear Mr Teicher

Are you aware that Banned Books Week, which your American Booksellers Association sponsors, has banned all mention of Amazon’s ban on World War II revisionist (“Holocaust Denial”) books by historian Germar Rudolf and others?

Mr Rudolf’s many volumes, including a landmark work of erudite historiography, Lectures on the Holocaust, were banned for sale by Amazon earlier this year.

(What few reports of Amazon’s ban that made it into the mainstream news have falsely reported that just three books were banned).

Banned books that are banned by Banned Books Week?

Can it get any more surreal?

Do you intend to do anything about this farce?

Michael Hoffman

Independent History and Research
Publishers of the periodical, Revisionist History®
For further research:
Press release: “Amazon bans hundreds of titles in one day”



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