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David Barrett — April 1, 2016

Victims’ campaigner who claims Kenneth Clarke failed to act on child sex abuse warnings has been denied a key role in the Government’s official inquiry, The Telegraph can disclose.

Nigel O’Mara, a leading figure in the sex abuse survivors’ organisation WhiteFlowers, applied last month to Justice Lowell Goddard to become a “core participant” in the inquiry.

However, his case has been rejected by Justice Goddard, the inquiry chairman, in a move described as “astonishing” by Mr O’Mara’s legal team.

Lord Grenville Janner. Click to enlarge

Justice Goddard ruled the whistle-blower’s evidence will not have a “direct and significant role” in her examination of abuse allegedly committed by Lord Greville Janner, the late Labour peer, and Sir Cyril Smith, the late Liberal MP.

Mr O’Mara claims he submitted important information to Mr Clarke in 1992 and 1993 – when the politician was home secretary – which detailed a series of sex assaults by Lord Janner, then an MP, and Sir Cyril.

His lawyers claim Mr O’Mara’s allegations will add substantial weight to claims that key information was overlooked by the authorities.

In a formal ruling Justice Goddard said: “Mr O’Mara does not say he was a victim of abuse by Lord Janner, nor does he say he has first hand knowledge of any alleged abuse.

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Comment — April 15, 2016

Why was a key figure in victims organisation denied a role in the inquiry into child sex abuse? Could it be that he knew too much and and might have helped expose even more crimes and threatened the inquiry’s real objective, which was to continue the cover-up?
As with Jimmy Savile’s escapades, the crimes of MP Cyril Smith were only exposed after his death. Similarly, alleged child abuser Lord Greville Janner’s also evaded justice. By the time his crimes came under serious scrutiny dementia had already rendered him unfit to stand trial.
After his death a posthumous trial into Greville’s allegedly prolific abuse was dropped. Prompting victims to allege the posthumous trial and the decision to drop it were part of “an establishment cover-up from day one”.
In other words the British establishment is engaged in a rear-guard action to protect itself and conceal the crimes of some of its most prominent members. Justice Lowell Goddard’s inquiry is part of that effort.
The giveaway is in the photo below of Justice Goddard. That’s a Masonic handshake meaning that the “inquiry” she heads will be no more than a cover-up, exactly as victims claim. Ed.

Justice Goddard

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