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“The project area is located only 470 feet north of Chilocco Creek, a vital part of the county’s watershed. KOCO in Oklahoma City reports that many people have called their newsroom and sent messages, expressing their concern about the safety of people living in the area.”
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By Merit Freeman — (

Under the banner of Project HODOR [Hazards Of Dynamic Outdoor Release], the United States Department Of Homeland Security [DHS] will be holding drills simulating a chemical & biological weapons attack near the Oklahoma / Kansas border in JanuaryFebruary and June – July 2018.
DHS’ Science and Technology Directorate [S&T] is planning an outdoor release of chemical and biological stimulants at Oklahoma’s Chilocco Indian Agricultural School in Newkirk, Oklahoma [Kay County], just 6 miles south of Arkansas City, Kansas.
Aerosol Biologists from Sandia National Laboratory, Aerosol Engineers from the National Bio-Defense Analysis and Counter-Measures Center [NBACC], scientists from Oklahoma State University’s [OSU] Multi-Spectral Laboratories [UML] and numerous supporting state and federal agencies have partnered together for the exercises, which will reportedly be used to determine how humans would fare if biological weapons were used in a terror attack.
Don’t let the Oklahoma university participation fool you. UML is NOT a public institution, it is a PRIVATELY OWNED FACILITY which provides research, development, testing, evaluation and tactical training to the United States Department of Defense and intelligence communities. Their mission statement is to:
“Rapidly transition new and enhanced operational capabilities from innovators to operators. ACCELERATE: Enhance technology transfer and commercialization rates by streamlining the innovation- to-deployment cycle. DELIVER: Greater access to unique network of equipment, laboratories and outdoor testing and training facilities at lower cost. DIVERSIFY: Fuse government, academia, and industry for mission-oriented products and services. Leverage an expanded non-traditional performer base.”


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