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This mind-blowing documentary casts the Las Vegas massacre in a new light. The goal is to create a high-tech police state where metal detectors are everywhere, not just at airports but at hotels and schools and malls. Indeed, unnoticed in the cry for gun control has been an orchestrated media campaign calling for scanners at all hotels, and one has already been implemented. 
The same people who did 9-11 are poised to profit from Las Vegas.
This brilliant must-watch 16 min documentary from “Black Child Productions” alerted me to proof Las Vegas was another inside job:
“las vegas is on their minds” 
An anonymous poster predicted a mass shooting in Las Vegas three weeks ago and explained that the goal is to cash in on a police state.

4chan Warned About Vegas 3 Weeks Early: Possible Financial and Political Gain Behind Mass Murder

By Jack Kenrick –  October 2, 2017 The Squawker

3 weeks ago, on 9/11 a mysterious 4chan user who went only by “John” made a series of at the time overlooked posts. He warned users to stay away from any gatherings of large groups of people in the Vegas or nearby Henderson areas. Stating that he had insider knowledge of what he referred to as a “high incident project” that was set to occur soon. While the poster was ignored at the time, since nothing seemed to occur on the 12th. The fact this John wrote “I can’t guarantee anything will happen tomorrow but las vegas is on their minds,” seems almost frightening now that just a few weeks later the largest mass shooting in American history has occurred at this very location.

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las vegas warning 2

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If we even consider the idea there could be any truth to such a plot in the first place, its not really all that unreasonable to believe the organizers could have simply adjusted there schedule by a few weeks. This could have been done for a myriad of reasons including just simply deciding the concert target eventually chosen served their purposes better. If true though even more troubling is the profit minded motivation behind the shooting that John went on to describe.

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