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Anthony Weiner’s computer contains written proof that Hillary Clinton is a direct agent of George Soros and the Zionist brand of the Illuminati, and she is most definitely a traitor.

“Walter Benjamin” is a Freemason who claims Trump’s support comes from a patriotic faction in Freemasonry opposed to Zionist world domination.  
He doesn’t offer much proof of this and I am not buying it. Nonetheless his view deserves a hearing. 

by Walter Benjamin — ( 

There is a serious civil war going on within the Deep State, but unless you are part of it or intimately familiar with it, it all looks like chaos and cacophony.
The reality is that the news (both mainstream and alternative) are bleating out seemingly unrelated stories which are all directly connected to the deep state civil war.
Within this Illuminati Freemasonic deep state, the “Zionist Cabalistic” elements are at war with “America-First” faction for control of the New World Order.
The American Neo-Cons are direct descendants of the Communists/Trotskyites spawned by the Rothschild Cabalists, whose God is Ba’al (or Moloch or Magog.)
In contrast, the “America-Firsters” are direct lineal descendants of the George Washington/Thomas Jefferson/Andrew Jackson “divine providence” Freemasons who were infiltrated by the former, starting in 1789 after the Wilhelmsbad Conference in 1782. They are embodied by such American patriots as Ron Paul, Philip Giraldi, Ray McGovern, Michael Flynn, Justin Raimondo, and Daniel McAdams.


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