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Introduction — Sept 28, 2017

The following Daily Mail report gives new meaning to the term “fake news”. First it claims an Iranian ballistic missile test “NEVER happened”. Then the same report claims that the missile “exploded midair”, meaning that the test ended in failure.
However the authoritative military affairs journal Janes Defence offers an entirely different perspective on the same event. Janes confirms that the launch did indeed take place and that it was a success. Proving that it’s not so much what the media reports but the spin they give a story. In other words it’s not what the media says but the way they say it that counts. Ed.

Fake news! Trump tweets about an Iran ballistic missile test that NEVER happened

  • The Iranian government on Friday released video of the supposed launch 
  • Ballistic missile test which prompted angry response from President Trump
  • But the footage of the launch was more than seven months old, US officials say 
  • On January 29, Iran tested a medium-range ballistic missile that exploded midair

Ariel Zilber — Daily Mail Sept 26, 2018

Iran’s much-touted test launch of a new medium-range ballistic missile last Friday which prompted an angry response from President Donald Trump was a fake, it was reported on Monday.

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A still from Iranian television footage shown on 23 September shows a Khorramshahr ballistic missile being launched from a location that could be identified as being east of the Semnan space and missile facility. Source: IRIB. Click to enlarge

Iran releases Khorramshahr missile test video

Jeremy Binnie, Nick Hansen — Jane’s Defence Sept 28, 2017

  • Iran has confirmed its new Khorramshahr ballistic missile was tested on 29 January
  • Video of the test appears to show that–contrary to US claims–it was successful

Iranian state television confirmed that a Khorramshahr ballistic missile was test launched on 29 January when it broadcast footage of the event on 23 September, a day after the missile was displayed for the first time in a parade.

Iranian officials say the Khorramshahr is a liquid-fuelled missile with a range of 2,000 km. It appears to be similar to North Korea’s Hwasong-10 (KN-07), early versions of which are believed to have been transferred to Iran more than a decade ago but designed to carry a heavier payload over a shorter range.

There was initial speculation that the Iranian television footage, which was supplied by the Islamic Revolution Guards Corp, showed a recent test. “Iran just test fired a ballistic missile capable of reaching Israel,” US President Donald Trump tweeted. “They are also working with North Korea. Not much of an agreement we have!”

Iranian media did not say when the test was carried out, but the footage included several frames where a time/date stamp had not been obscured in the editing process showing it was filmed at 17:18 (13:48 GMT) on 29 January.

Reuters and Fox News both reported on 30 January that Iran had tested a medium-range ballistic missile the day before, respectively citing US officials as saying it travelled 1,010 km and 966 km before it failed. Fox News identified the missile as a Khorramshahr, while Reuters’ sources said it was a type that had been previously tested in July 2016.


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