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Introduction — Feb 21, 2018

The corporate media is still relentlessly pumping out what amounts to disinformation about events in Syria, as pro-Assad forces close in on one of the remaining insurgent strongholds.
The Guardian report below follows a now familiar routine. It portrays Syrian government forces as the bad guys while framing those they are fighting in a more neutral light. It doesn’t specify who precisely is holding the enclave in eastern Ghouta, beyond referring to them as “rebels” — not al Qaida linked al-Nusra fighters or Islamic State militants (aka ISIS, ISIL or Daesh), who are all known to have been active in the area.
The giveaway however, comes in the second sentence. Where the Guardian cites as its source of information the Coventry-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights. A one man operation, the SOHR regularly publishes reports about government forces killing civilians, which often remain unconfirmed.
This has led many to view the SOHR as no more than a propaganda organ for Western psy-ops in Syria.

Syrian White Helmets insignia. Click to enlarge

The photo that accompanies the Guardian article only adds to these suspicions. It shows what the Guardian claims is a “rescue worker” carrying a little girl. This is disingenuous to say the least. Because a closer inspection reveals that he’s wearing a white helmet and bears the Syrian White Helmets insignia on his shoulder.
So why doesn’t the Guardian identify him as a member of the White Helmets?
Founded by the Sandhurst-trained James Le Mesurier, the White Helmets have been known to stage “rescue operations” for the benefit of Western journalists. Is this what is happening here?
There are mounting questions about the role of the Syrian White Helmets and the fact that the Guardian fails to specify that the “rescue worker” is a member suggests that they are trying to conceal this.
This is not informative journalism. It’s disinformation and it calls into question the integrity and objectives of the corporate media’s coverage of events in Syria. Ed.
A rescue worker carries a girl who was found alive inside the debris of buildings in eastern Ghouta. Or so the Gaurdian claims. Click to enlarge

A rescue worker carries a girl who was found alive inside the debris of buildings in eastern Ghouta. Or so the Gaurdian claims. Click to enlarge

Fresh strikes kill civilians in Syrian rebel enclave

Kareem Shaheen — The Guardian Feb 21, 2018

Pro-regime rockets and barrel bombs are continuing to fall on the Syrian rebel enclave of eastern Ghouta, which has been hammered since Sunday by one of the heaviest bombardments in seven years of war.

Five people died and more than 200 were injured in the area outside Damascus early on Wednesday, the UK-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said.

The pace of the bombardment appeared to slacken overnight, but its intensity resumed on Wednesday morning, said the monitoring group, which puts the death toll in the past 48 hours at about 250 people.

The surge in the killing came amid reports of an impending regime incursion into the area, which is home to 400,000 civilians. More than 700 people have been killed in three months, according to local counts, not including the deaths in the last week.

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