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Commentary — Sept 26, 2017

This map was published by Robin Wright nine months before the offensive by Daesh into Iraq and Syria. According to this Pentagon researcher, it rectifies the map published in 2005 by Ralf Peters for the reshaping of the Greater Middle East.

An independent Kurdistan would be strategically advantageous for both Israel and the West. That’s why we are seeing the West covertly backing a referendum on Kurdish independence and why Israel is making moves behind the scenes.
According to Thierry Meyssan, Benjamin Netanyahu and Massoud Barzani, the self-appointed President of the future independent Kurdistan, have already reached a secret agreement on the matter.
Tel-Aviv is committed to installing 200 000 Israelis of Kurdish origin in Kurdistan. For the Zionists this would serve as another step toward their ultimate long term goal of an expanded Greater Israel.
It would also enable Tel Aviv to open another front on Syria’s northern border and this is what is drawing Anglo-American interest.
For although their proxies in ISIS are in retreat, the West hasn’t given-up on the idea of ousting Syrian President Assad. However, instead of using ISIS the Kurds would be used to do the actual fighting and dying.
Again, according to Thierry Meyssan:
“…the Pentagon is planning a new war against Syria. This time the Pentagon proxy will be Kurdish troops to which these 500 million dollar worth of arms are allocated. This new conflict should kick off within the next few weeks, once the Iraqi Kurdistan has been declared independent…”
The independence referendum is supposed to provide legitimacy for the coming conflict, at least initially, and toward this end the Kurds are reportedly being supplied with arms from the former Soviet Union. Courtesy the CIA.
In addition the U.S. has spent the last few years acquiring and developing Herir airport in Kurdistan. The airfield would serve multiple purposes.
First the U.S. and its Western allies would be able to fly in arms and munitions for their Kurdish proxies. It would also provide an airbase from which to launch air strikes directly into Syria.
Lastly and most importantly: being located near Arbil (or Erbil) Herir airport is only 60 kilometres from the border with Washington’s ultimate goal, Iran.
All of which means that despite appearances the war in Syria may be far from over. We will know in the coming weeks but in its next phase, the Syrian war could be bigger and very easily spill over into direct conflict with Iran. Which is exactly what Washington wants.
Events are moving fast however, and it would appear that Iran is already acting in anticipation of this happening. According to the Deputy Commander of Iranian Air Defence, General Alireza Elhami, air defences in western Iran are being reinforced with new missiles and radar systems.
“We are ready to give a decisive response to any aggression,” he told Fars News on Tuesday.
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