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Richard Spillett, Paddy Dinham, Shekhar Batia and Chris Spargo — Daily Mail Oct 12, 2017

Scotland Yard is investigating Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein over alleged sexual abuse in the UK, it emerged this afternoon.

The Metropolitan Police is reviewing an allegation against the movie mogul dating back to the 1980s after Merseyside Police received a tip-off and referred it to them.

Sophie Dix

  A separate English actress, Sophie Dix, has also revealed an alleged sexual assault by Weinstein left her burgeoning Hollywood career in tatters.

It comes amid an avalanche of claims of sexual impropriety made against the 65-year-old by some of the movie industry’s most famous actresses in the last few days.

A Met Police spokesman said this afternoon: ‘We can confirm the Metropolitan Police Service was passed an allegation of sexual assault by Merseyside Police on Wednesday, 11 October.

‘The allegation will be assessed by officers from the Child Abuse and Sexual Offences Command.’

There is no suggestion the allegation relates to child abuse.

A spokesman for police in Liverpool said: ‘Merseyside Police can confirm a report was received at 8.40am on Wednesday of an alleged sexual assault in the London area in the 1980s. The report has been referred to the Metropolitan Police.’

The revelations that Weinstein’s alleged abuse may have also taken place in Britain were swiftly followed by the allegations by Dix, who says she was attacked in London’s Savoy Hotel.

She was just 22 when she appeared in The Hour Of The Pig – released under the title The Advocate in America – alongside Colin Firth and Donald Pleasance.

Weinstein allegedly supplied her with wine before inviting her up to his hotel room to watch some unedited scenes that he was struggling with.

But, she said that when the door closed behind them, he shoved her on the bed and began ‘tugging at her clothes’.

Dix, now 48,  says the incident left her depressed and barely able to get out of bed for six months, and her career never recovered as a result.

She disclosed the incident to friends and family but is now speaking publicly about the incident for the first time, 26 years on.

‘You think you go into the film business because you think it is this free-thinking, liberal-minded industry, but actually, it could not be more opposite. It is as antiquated, as sexist and rigged as they come,’ she told the Guardian.

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