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Projecting light on powerful Hollywood freaks who have gender identity disorder & don’t have a clue who they are.
“This is not a [gender] revolution  – it’s just a bunch of confused, depressed freaks trying to acquire the biggest megaphone so that everyone can be disturbed by their sickness. So they feel less lonely.”
Makow comment:  We wouldn’t drink from a toilet but we continue to get our entertainment from people who want to make us sick.
A Comment to the article
Utopia for Hermaphrodites  

by Tomo-Stojanovic — ( 

(Judging from his book, the author is actually bisexual.) 
Unfortunately like most other things in the USSA – this sexual ‘revolution’ is not at all what it seems.
I’ve lived in LA for many years, I’ve met and befriended many famous gay producers and actors. writers etc from Hollywood (Mostly HBO), I’ve met many dikes and even trannies.
So I know their mentality and objectives.
wookie1.jpeg Most of these freaks don’t even like having sex with anyone – for them, gayness is like a religion/cult. It’s mostly to do with non-sexual aspects of life: you must love/vote for Hilary, you must think Wookie (right) is ‘beautiful’ etc… otherwise, the other gays will not want to hang out with you – they excommunicate each other on these grounds.
Most of them don’t like sex with anyone – they just have  Gender Identity Disorder, and/or often Borderline Personality Disorder (almost like Schizophrenia). Most of them have been molested when young, mostly by priests (sometimes sisters’ boyfriends etc).
Pretending to love sex with men is just a mask for these freaks – I know it sounds strange but it’s true – I ‘ve seen it over and over again. I’ve asked them all kinds of questions (I studied psychology). It’s kind of like fake Jews …which reminds me many of these people are Jews and I think they are scared of or hate their mothers and they project that on other women.
And they are mostly depressed, unhappy, manic ( a caricature of happiness) people. They don’t even have real friends – its mostly very superficial – they have a mentality of a high school kid. I think because they were bullied there they never had a chance to grow out of it.
And these are the rulers of Hollywood I am talking about – a bunch of fearful little girls with a talent for accounting. Very little art and no balls at all. Most interestingly they don’t even like each other and are fundamentally lonely and unable to relate /love anyone. I have seen the same thing in London.
So this is not a revolution  – it’s just a bunch of confused, depressed freaks trying to acquire the biggest megaphone so that everyone can be disturbed by their sickness. So they feel less lonely.
Like my neighbors in Venice Beach – although they had a big house, they loved to go out at 3 am in the alley in a densely populated area and suck asses to strangers they meet in a bar – and scream like little girls so that everyone has to wake up, including children to hear them.
A pathetic , unhappy bunch of losers  – with Gender Identity Disorder – that’s all they are…that’s why they are all alcoholics, on drugs, prozac etc – it’s not easy to be an anti-social freak like that (and to pretend you love sex with guys – when in reality you just have a Gender Identity Disorder and don’t really have interest in sex at all). And you know you are lying to yourself and others.

Strange Psychopathic Gays Shape US Opinion


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