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The Southern District of New York federal court at 500 Pearl St.(below right), is where the federal judges are literally divided into commando units to advance the corrupt Judeo Masonic agenda.
Insider Frederick Rotir describes how each group operates.

by Frederick Rotir — ( 

Daniel Patrick Moynihan U.S. Courthouse, Southern District of New York, at 500 Pearl St.

The Southern District of New York federal courthouse located in lower Manhattan New York City is literally the “Luciferian Eye” of the “Empire State,” i.e. New York State, and is literally the most pre-eminent federal courthouse in the country, and possibly the world, so a great deal of Zionist Cabalist “social engineering legal experimentation” takes place there.
These federal judges like to see “what can they get away with,” so as to then impose it on the rest of the United States, who unwittingly must follow their lead in the 2nd Circuit Court of the USA (of which the SDNY is the main courthouse.)
It is light years ahead of the rest of the federal courts in America in terms of money, power, media, racial/cultural diversity.
In addition, this jurisdiction contains the main Federal Reserve Bank with all of the entire world’s gold bunkers located a few blocks away at 33 Liberty Street, New York NY, underground about five stories down (the site of another terrorist bombing a few years ago.)



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