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News Commentary — May 19, 2017

Readers will note that we’ve heard little about who was responsible for the ransomware computer virus. Even though the virus disabled computer systems across the world there has been little if any journalistic speculation about who precisely was responsible for it.
Instead, the Western corporate media has been far more interested in speculating about President Trump’s alleged conniving with Russia. This has been given prominence in the Western media despite the fact that there is no hard evidence that Trump colluded with Russia.
All the media has provided thus far are allegations and innuendo and little else.
Indeed we haven’t seen such extensive wall-to-wall coverage against an American president since Watergate. As others have pointed out: the media and some U.S. politicians really are gunning for Trump.
President Trump isn’t exaggerating when he called the recent media coverage a “witch hunt”
Meanwhile, as the Western corporate media continues to focus on claims about Trump’s collusion with Russia, it avoids seriously investigating who was behind the Ransomware computer virus. Why?
How is it that a massive cyber attack that has crippled services in many areas across the world is being reported with so few questions being asked about who was responsible for it? Even while the western media has gone to town with speculations about “Trump’s collusion with Russian”?
This is despite the fact that both Putin and Iran have accused the U.S. of being behind the emergence of the latest malware.
On Wednesday the head of Iran’s Civil Defence blamed the U.S. intelligence service for being behind the WannaCry computer virus that affected tens of thousands of computers worldwide recently.
According to Brigadier General Gholam Reza Jalali:
“The preliminary studies have indicated that the virus has originated from the US and is related to the US intelligence agency, and the US has not been harmed in the (virus) attack”.
The Western corporate media has said nothing of this or similar suggestions by Russian President Putin.
Rather than investigate and publicise these claims the Western media has been engaged in the hue and cry over claims about President Trump’s “conspiring with Russia”.
Although no one has produced anything concrete to substantiate these claims the media has gone to town with them. While it has given minimal coverage to questions about who was behind the spate of recent computer viruses.
Why? Or is speculation about President’s Trump’s alleged conspiring with Russia being used to distract attention from claims, which will be verifiable if properly investigated, that U.S. intelligence was responsible for the malware?
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