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In a remarkable appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live Nov 11, 2014, Carrey said all entertainers work for the Illuminati
Last month, a judge confirmed a trial will go ahead over claims Jim used his “wealth, influence and celebrity status” to provide the prescription drugs that contributed to the overdose of Irish girlfriend Cathriona White in Sept 2015.
The trial is expected to begin in April 2018 with Jim to face a jury over claims of wrongful death and allegations under the Drug Dealer Liability Act in America.
According to reports, Jim tried to seek a privacy request; however a judge denied the request and his attempts to remove allegations that he transmitted STDs to Cathriona – with the judge ruling Jim’s privacy concerns are not a top priority.

Jim Carrey ‘Framed’ For Manslaughter After Exposing Illuminati On Live Television

by Sean Adl-Tabatabai

Far left, Jim Carey on the Jimmy Kimmel show. Click to enlarge

Is Jim Carrey is being framed for the death of his girlfriend Cathriona White, following his public attempts at exposing the Illuminati.
A judge confirmed that a trial would go ahead over claims the actor used his ‘wealth, influence and celebrity status’ to provide the prescription drugs on which Cathriona White, 30, overdosed.
According to Entertainment Weekly, Jim Carrey’s physician was “engaged in a conspiracy to wrongfully and illegally provide medications to Carrey under false names,” without Carrey’s knowledge.
This all followed Jim Carrey’s appearance [above] on the Jimmy Kimmel Show in 2014, in which the actor revealed the secrets of the illuminati to a stunned audience.


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