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News Commentary — June 4, 2017

The new face of policing in Britain. Click to enlarge

As with other recent “terror” events in the UK the latest London Bridge attack raises more questions and provides few answers.
The attacks seem targeted at the general public with the sole intention of generating fear. Admittedly that is the definition of “terrorism” and given the landmark sites selected for the attacks they seem intended for maximum publicity.
However, it’s noteworthy that no political demands have been made and as yet no one has claimed responsibility for the London Bridge attack. Although with eyewitnesses claiming that the alleged culprits shouted “this is for Allah” it’s safe to assume that Islamic militants were involved.
Or so we are being led to believe.
Given that Islamic State (otherwise known as Daesh, Isis or Isil) claimed responsibility for the recent Manchester attack it’s possible that they were also behind the London Bridge attack. And that’s where things get interesting because we know that IS was created by Western intelligence as a means to oust President Assad.
Add to that the many inconsistencies in the Manchester attack — that British intelligence had been warned of an attack, that Salman Abedi was known to MI6 who let him travel to known terror hot spots without scrutiny, plus the conflicting accounts of the bombing itself — and there is good reason to question the official version of events.
With growing suspicions that false witnesses contributed to the official account of the March 22 Westminster attack, only adding weight to claims that the recent attacks in the UK were being orchestrated.
It’s still too early to say if the London Bridge attack was a false flag but hours after the attack police conducted raids across east London and arrested twelve suspects. During the raid police showed a photo of a slain London Bridge attacker to Damien Pettite who told reporters “he looked a lot like their neighbour”.
“If it is, I am completely shocked. He was lived here for three years” he continued.
“He is a member of the community, it very much is that, a very affable person so it is a complete shock.”
Adding that the man he knew had children, he continued: “I am kind of absorbing this at the moment because I can’t understand how it could have been him.
“He has always tried to help in terms of what is going on in the area.
“He always sets up community groups in terms of the homelessness that is happening here, so to hear that he is now complicit with this, it is very hard to stomach.”
Unfortunately the Evening Standard report from which the above quote was extracted did not give the suspects name.
Almost certainly the attack will open the way for the introduction of more stringent “anti-terror” legislation and that’s already on the horizon with Theresa May promising a “new era” in the fight against terror.
It will also add to the hostility toward Islam that has been mounting after each attack allegedly carried out by Islamic militants. More importantly if the security services knew the attack was being planned but allowed it to happen, then it fits in perfectly with plans first outlined by leading Freemason Albert Pike over a century ago, which would culminate in a third world war.
Ariana Grande. Click to enlarge

Ariana Grande. Click to enlarge

As I finished this article a tribute concert for the Manchester bombing victims was getting underway. It featured a host of major artists — Ariana Grande, Justin Bieber, Coldplay, Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus, Pharrell Williams, Take That, Niall Horan, Little Mix, Robbie Williams and Black Eyed Peas — none of who will seriously question what happened in Manchester if they know what’s good for their careers.
For maximun exposure the concert is also being broadcast live on BBC TV.
So on the one hand we have media celebrities “commemorating” what increasingly looks like a false flag and thereby giving the official version of events further credibility. While conversely terror events continue to occur with the authorities seemingly unable or unwilling to stop them.
If we want to stop this vicious cycle we are going to have to call our leaders and their quisling media to account.
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