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By Steven Erlanger

Man on the ground in Borough Market area with what appears to be cannisters strapped to his body. Click to enlarge


Anti New York Times

Here we go again. Another fake “Islamic Terror” TM attack in Europe — the third in just three months to hit England, taking place on at the iconic London Bridge on 6-3 (3,6, 9 and all multiples of 11 have special significance for Satanists/Occultists.) The phony crisis-actor stunts (and we do allow for the possibility that some real people are killed on occasion) have become so frequent and so poorly acted, that we don’t even feel the need to investigate the events before declaring them to be staged. Nonetheless, for the sake of thoroughness, Sugar and I, er, “The Editorial Board” of The Anti-New York Times will always have a closer look at what is alleged to have happened, before stamping it fake.


No matter how strong our preconceived impulses may be, we will always scour the Internet and investigate before issuing a definitive declaration.

To that end, we turned to the intrepid YouTubers out there who have become quite adept at putting together hoax-buster videos before we have even finished even reading about the latest stunt. Based on our previous experiences, we naturally expected that by simply entering the term “London hoax attack” or “London fake terror” into a Google Search Engine, a plethora of convincing videos and commentaries debunking the latest LTAHS (Langley-Tel Aviv- Hollywood Studios) freak show would have popped up immediately. But this time, the results were a little different. Have a look at the very strange top-ranked results for the Google terms just mentioned:

* UK Independent: London Terror Attack: Terrorists wore fake suicide vests, police say (here)

* UK Daily Record: Three terrorists shot dead following London attack wearing hoax ‘suicide vests’ (here)

* UK Express: DEAD IN STREET: Terrorists in hoax suicide vests to repel police shot dead in 8 minutes (here)

* UK Daily Mail: ‘Utter chaos’ as three jihadis wearing hoax suicide vests to repel police go on knife rampage before being shot dead (here)

* UK Metro: London terror suspects were wearing fake suicide vests (here)

* UK: Mirror: Three terrorists wearing fake suicide vests ploughed into pedestrians in a van before leaping out and knifing people at random (here)

* Times of Israel: London terrorists wore fake suicide vests (here)

Do you see how these cunning sons-of-bitches played this? By adding “fake” / “hoax” suicide vests to the stunt, and working with their wholly-owned editors who craft the headlines, the planners monopolized the entire 1st page and part of the 2nd page of the Search Engines, thus blocking “conspiracy theorists” TM from achieving the usual first page status for such search terms. Think about it, how and when did the word “hoax” suddenly become an adjective? “Hoax vests???” This manipulated terminology, plus the numerous precedents of crisis-actor / terror drill fakery, plus the weird images from London Bridge, plus the fact that the Israeli-run SITE group has so graciously “discovered” (rolling eyes) and announced for us all that “ISIS has claimed responsibility” TM (here) —  all point to the usual conclusion —- FAKE!


caught up in the London Bridge attack

Fake News, fake actors, fake search engine results…


fake blood stains

And fake blood stains too!


Back in 2010, and again in 2012, and again in 2013, and again in 2014, and again in 2015, and yet again in 2017, the Israelis used this same Search Engine trick by manufacturing various stories about “dancing Israeli soldiers.” (all 6 separate incidents can be found here) At varying times, some of these rigged events managed to temporarily bump ahead (under Internet searches for “Dancing Israelis) of the widely circulated blockbuster story of the “Dancing Israelis” who were arrested after being seen celebrating and high-fiving,  across the river from the 9/11 attacks in New York. (here)

We expect that this latest hoax will help British Prime Minister and rabid Israel Firster, Theresa May, to win her upcoming election — or perhaps even give her the pretext to postpone it altogether. But the most troubling element of the recent hoax attacks in England relates to Ms. May’s open call — issued just hours after the London Bridge incident — for the international regulation of “extremist” speech on the Internet.

Headline, UK Independent:

New international agreements should be introduced to regulate the Internet in the light of the London Bridge terror attack, Theresa May has said.


Should regulation of online “Muslim extremism” ever come to pass, can censorship of  World War II / Holocaust truthers and  “climate deniers” TM be far behind?

may-netanyahuheadlineUS President Trump holds bilateral meeting with British Prime Minister May

  1. 1. Theresa, like Donald Trumpstein, is Bibi’s bitch. His game is to play UK & US off against the Globalist EU, which seeks to restrain Israeli ultra-nationalism.   Note the headline about a “YouTube link” to the fake attack. Censorship on the horizon?  3. The “special relationship” TM: Trumpstein & May, a match made in Israel


Absolutely comical images from the previous crisis-actor hoax in London, March 22, 2017 — images we just discovered:

A dummy lies injured underneath a bus on Westminster Bridge in London. Click to enlarge

A dummy lies injured underneath a bus on Westminster Bridge in London. Click to enlarge

A dummy (note crooked torso) bleeds from his ankle after being stabbed --- note the puddle of fake blood in the gutter and how uninterested the woman strolling by seems to be. Click to enlarge

A dummy (note crooked torso) bleeds from his ankle after being stabbed — note the puddle of fake blood in the gutter and how uninterested the woman strolling by seems to be. Click to enlarge



Boobus Americanus 1: I read in the New York Times today that in the wake of the most recent terror attack in London, the British Prime Minister is calling for a crackdown on Internet extremism.

Boobus Americanus 2: The Internet is really getting out of control. Islamic terrorists, Holocaust deniers, Nazis. There is no place in a free society for such hatred.

Sugar: Unlesss, of coursse, if the hatred is directed towardss Whitess, consservativess, Chrisstians, and southerners. Eh Boobusss?

 Editor: If they were truly concerned with online “terrorist” recruiting and incitement, then why not just get a warrant, track down the IP addresses, and arrest the plotters?



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