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Introduction — July 28, 2017

Heavily armed German police on the streets of Munich after the attack. click to enlarge

I was suspicious of reports from Hamburg earlier today about a knifeman on the rampage in a supermarket. Call it a “hunch” but I had feeling that vital information about the attack was being omitted by the corporate media.
Media outlets like the Independent gave no hint as to the attackers identity or motive. While the BBC mentioned speculation that the attack “may have been part of a robbery attempt”.
All of which is rather vague and I couldn’t shake off the feeling that key elements of the story were absent.
Now my suspicions have proved correct. Initial reports from the corporate media about the incident all omit one crucial detail. According to some eyewitnesses the knifeman shouted “Allah Akbar” as he attacked shoppers in a branch of Edeka, Germany’s largest supermarket chain.
This obviously gives some clue as to the attackers identity and motive. It also reveals as totally unfounded the BBC’s mention of speculation about the attack being part of a robbery attempt.
Like numerous other recent knife attacks across Europe this was in effect a “terror attack” motivated by religious fanaticism.
So why was this crucial detail omitted from initial reports, such as from the BBC and the Independent, when the Daily Mail (below) mentions it? Is the corporate media deliberately omitting key facts because they’ve been deemed politically incorrect?
In fact the Guardian was still omitting this salient detail at 17:45, over an hour after the Daily Mail first reported that the attacker shouted “Allah Akbar”.
Finally the same report was amended shortly after 18:00 to mention that the attacked did allegedly shout “Allah Akbar”. However, this critical point was only mentioned IN THE FINAL PARAGRAPH, as if the Guardian was trying to bury this point, and even then it was only mentioned with the proviso that “police were unable to confirm this”.
We know our news is manipulated but is that control now turning even more draconian?

Machete-wielding man ‘screaming Allahu Akbar’ kills one person and injures several others during rampage in Hamburg supermarket

Julian Robinson — Daily Mail July 31, 2017 16:32 GMT

A machete-wielding man has killed one and injured several others after going on the rampage through a German supermarket this afternoon.

The attacker, who reportedly screamed Allahu Akbar, ran into an Edeka shop in the northern city of Hamburg before knifing customers and going on the run.

Witnesses followed him and raised the alarm at about 3.10pm before police swooped to  make an arrest.

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