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A French documentary film claims Putin is richest man in Europe.
Another name for the Illuminati is the “Jewish Mafia.” 
“What we think of as geopolitics are really gang wars. Putin’s enlightened foreign policy may really be resistance to competing gangsters from the West invading his lucrative turf.”

by Henry Makow Ph.D. 

Many of us have conferred sainthood on Vladimir Putin for saving Syria from the clutches of the Zionist-CIA proxy ISIS and for espousing an enlightened foreign policy in the face of insane belligerence from the Zionist-controlled west.
Thus, we are not happy to hear about a 27-minute French documentary called Putin’s Hidden Treasure made by Nicolas Tonev which claims that Putin’s enlightened leadership is far from altruistic. Indeed, the film makes a credible case that Putin may be the richest man in Europe — worth as much as $40 billion–thanks to kickbacks and embezzlement of state property. The documentary is available on Netflix.
Putin with Jewish boyhood buddy and billionaire, Arkady Rotenburg.Click to enlarge

Putin with Jewish boyhood buddy and billionaire, Arkady Rotenburg.Click to enlarge

The film traces Putin’s career back to St. Petersburg where, as assistant to the Mayor, he engaged in the preferred Russia form of corruption- kickbacks on public works. He moved to Moscow and was a close associate of Jewish oligarch frontman Boris Yeltsin who resigned under a cloud of corruption and virtually ceded his position to Putin.
The documentary shows how Putin and his associates profited from the privatization of state-owned oil giant Rosneft which had revenue of $64 billion in 2016. They also profited from huge kickbacks on a tollroad from Moscow to St Petersburg and from the Sochi Olympics. It appears that Putin’s Jewish boyhood pal, Arkady Rotenburg (see pic) is his financial “beard.”



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