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Ron Radosh (b. 1937) is someone who should be on your radar.  A Jewish academic historian and lifelong Communist, he turned his back on Communism while writing a history of the Rosenberg spy case. He was vilified because he disproved the Communist dogma that the Rosenbergs were innocent. He realized that Communism was a “religion” and rejected it, becoming a doyen of the American neo-Conservative movement.
Rejecting one religion, he adopted another, Zionism. He is a fanatical defender of Israel as demonstrated by this vicious excoriation of an anti-Zionist writer This illustrates a troubling political reality. The Left is Communist. The anti-Communist Right is Zionist. They are two heads of the same beast – the Masonic Jewish central banking cartel dedicated to enslaving mankind. We have no independent political leadership.
Below are excerpts from a review of Radosh’s history of Hollywood Communism. According to Virgil Hicks, Radosh is blind to the fact that Communism is Jewish Cabalist supremacism. The film industry has a long Jewish pedigree. HUAC was Gentile reaction. Despite Trump’s Zionist sponsorship, this “Gentile reaction” continues today in the Trump phenomenon.

The Silver Screen’s Bolshevik Subculture 

by Virgil Hicks — (Excerpts by 

ronradosh-small.jpg Ronald Radosh (left), former radical, is a late-in-life convert to conservatism, earning him, perhaps, the label of neo-conservative. In Red Star over Hollywood: The Film Colony’s Long Romance with the Left, Radosh (together with his wife) has extended his purview of the inner life of American Communists and the New Left.
In this case, the book is an indictment of those Hollywood personalities who took an active role in Communist politics during the pre- and post-World War II era, and it is particularly severe on those who never repented. The Radoshes challenge the comfortable Hollywood legend that posits an evil House Committee on Un-American Activities against a progressive vanguard operating in America’s film capital.


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