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Mark Windows — Windows on the World May 18, 2018

Small organizations, Trusts and Charities are under threat from Corporate interests and Change Agents working in the new and entirely controlled paradigm of corporate promoted “Community Organizers”. This is to bring everything under state control and promote the new Iron Fist Communism masquerading first as The Big Society or Communitarianism. The Labels do not really matter, this is just a matter of “Controlling the narrative”.

I have put this story out as it backs up my research into self-appointed and third-party interlopers and Community Organizers taking over existing venues.

The story below is not unique, so if you have any information or a story of small charities or venues being targeted by groups of Change Agents or subversives on behalf of third parties do get in touch. We aim to name and shame those destroying small individual organizations. 

Small Charity and Venue attacked in North London

The Tottenham War Services Institute and T Chances Venue in Tottenham, North London. Click to enlarge

For the last twelve months myself and a lady who ran a successful community venue in North London have been subject to a vicious hate campaign by two well funded individuals who have libeled, incited hatred, made false reports to the police and accused us of selling off the venue to a property developer. These individuals have set up websites, distributed leaflets, contacted press etc and accused us of all manner of crimes.

They have labeled us as racists and been relentless in their unfounded allegations against us, much of it libelous. We have had numerous threats made to us by telephone and all this is recorded with the police under the malicious communications act.

The Chair of Trustees of The Tottenham War Services Institute and creator of the T Chances Venue, Penny Potter has had strong family connections with the Trust since childhood so this abuse and trashing of the Trust  Property. has made this hostile takeover a profoundly disturbing experience which has had a very detrimental effect on both her and her family.

This culminated in Ms Potter, who has successfully run the venue for nearly twenty years having to flee her home in Tottenham along with her family due to the appalling threats she received from agents of the two ringleaders.

The successful community venue that she has been running with everything from rock gigs to still life painting has been trashed by two individuals and a small cabal of interested parties. 

New Chair of Charity Commission ignores the plight of  Small Charities 

Our letter to Charity Commission Chair of Trustees “Baroness of Beeston” Tina Stowell received no response despite several phone calls to the parliamentary office. This after widespread criticism of her suitability for the postScroll down for our letter requesting her resignation.

shaheen najafi

The artists using the venue before the hostile takeover included many legendary bands and recently Iranian star Shaheen Najafi at T Chances 20th May 2017  Shaheen Najafi  considered it to be the most non corporate and welcoming venue in London. His show was streamed to millions of people all over the world from T Chances.

Continues …

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