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They are our neighbours, our co-workers, our pastors, cops and political leaders. They want to confound us and induct us into their cult.
This is what Margaret Davis learned when they tried to recruit her.

by Henry Makow Ph. D.

Satanists believe that heaven belongs to God. The world belongs to Satan, but God stole it  from him.  Their mission is to restore the world to its rightful owner by converting mankind en masse. They believe they will be rewarded by becoming “ascended masters” who will rule over humanity and achieve immortality.
These insights were provided in an interview with Margaret Davis, a young woman who has had personal contact with a Toronto cult for the past six years  She believes this cult, which had about 50 members, is extremely well connected. This is confirmed by the fact that Ontario schools are grooming children for pedophiles in “sex ed” courses. The “sex ed” curriculum was designed by a convicted pedophile now serving prison time.  
Curiously these satanists call themselves “Illuminati” and say Freemasonry is a branch. Margaret says they feed off “fear” and “sexual energy” (which is our creative energy.)


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