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Introduction — Aug 23, 2017

Tourist Harry Athwal, who was caught up in the Barcelona attack, told police he was not going to leave a dying boy. Click to enlarge

There have been suggestions that the recent “terror” in Barcelona may have been staged. Particularly after one of the suspects was released “without charge”.
Call me a cynic but the events in Barcelona begin to look suspiciously like a staged psychological warfare operation.
For a start, the CIA warned the Barcelona police that La Rambla was a prime “terror target” only two months ago.
Conveniently, the prime suspect in the attack was then shot dead by police 25 miles west of Barcelona. Thereby silencing someone whose testimony might contradict the official version of events.
Linh Dinh spoke to shopkeepers and residents up and down La Rambla, Barcelona, where a van deliberately drove into pedestrians the day before. Thirteen people were reportedly killed and over 100 injured but Dinh failed to find one person who actually witnessed the outrage.
He spoke to many shocked tourists and locals who were caught up in events as frightened crowds took refuge but failed to find one person who actually saw the van drive into pedestrians. Which suggests to this writer that the whole episode may have been stage-managed.
Another tell-tale sign is the absence of blood in the aftermath of the attack. Although the Sun and The Daily Mail and The Express and The Independent all featured a lot of photos and videos from the Ramblas – not a drop of blood is to be seen!!!
Now some witnesses involved have come forward to describe their experiences and they look and sound suspiciously like crisis actors. Even their accounts sound as if they have been scripted for maximum emotional impact.
One such told the BBC how he comforted a young boy who lay dying after the attack. Even after police warned him to leave he stayed with the injured child. Ed
Barcelona "eyewitness" Harry Athwal. Click to enlarge

Barcelona “eyewitness” Harry Athwal. Click to enlarge

Tourist risked own life to comfort dying boy amid Barcelona attack

Helen William — Aug 23, 2017

A British tourist has described comforting a child during the Barcelona terror attack despite police shouting at him to move to safety.

Harry Athwal said his fatherly instinct kicked in on Thursday as he comforted the helpless boy who was lying on the ground on the Las Ramblas tourist boulevard

In a chaotic scene swarming with police and injured victims, Athwal disregarded orders from the police so he could be by the boy’s side as he slowly slipped out of consciousness.

It was soon after a van had mowed down innocent bystanders, killing 13 people, including seven-year-old Sydney boy Julian Cadman.

Julian was separated from his badly injured mother Jom in the attack.

The scene was “strewn” with bodies but Athwal said he was determined not to leave the boy, who was about the same age as his son.

“I put my hand on his back,” he told the BBC

“He was facing face-down and because of the nature of the injuries, I did not want to move him.

“I put my hand on his back and he was not breathing.”

Fearing another attack in the same street, a police officer shouted at him to leave.

Athwal told BBC News he was not going to move or leave the child unless he saw another van or car coming.

“I am not going to let these cowards come back and run over him, not a chance in hell.”

He stroked the boy’s thick brown hair, which was like his son’s, and said a silent prayer for God to please help him.

Athwal rejected any suggestion he was a hero saying, in light of recent attacks, “now we have to stand and be counted”.

It took authorities three days to confirm Julian had died in the attack.

Terror cell had planned big bomb attack

An Islamist militant cell that used a van to kill 13 people in Barcelona had planned one or several major bomb attacks, possibly against churches or monuments, one suspect has told a Spanish court.

Mohamed Houli Chemlal said the group was led by an imam who tutored its members, mainly young Moroccans, in jihad (holy war) and told them: “Martyrdom is a good thing, according to the Koran.”

After a day-long hearing of four suspects in the plot, Spanish High Court Judge Fernando Andreu on Tuesday ordered Chemlal and a second defendant, Driss Oukabir, remanded on charges of membership of a terrorist group and murder.

Chemlal was also charged with explosives possession.

A third suspect, Salh El Karib, who ran an internet cafe in a northeastern Spanish town where most of the alleged cell members lived, will remain in police custody, for now, pending further investigation. The fourth man, Mohamed Aalla, was released on certain conditions.


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