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FoxNews Show “The Five” — an Illuminati brainwashing clique? Click to enlarge

Aki Liao has written here about how he has felt “bullied by Jews” all his life.
The Fox News show “The Five” is reawaking the trauma of high school persecution by a clique of rich Jewish bullies.  In a weird way, society is starting to resemble that experience. Aki Liao described what triggered his adolescent nightmare.
[Editor’s Note: What are people like us called? I like “truther” because we are dedicated to knowing the truth about the world we live in. I’d like to think this also serves  a larger Truth, which is God.]

by Aki Liao  — ( 

The FoxNews Show “The Five” starring Uber-Zionist Jew Greg Gutfeld, Uncle Tom Juan Williams, Jockstrap Jesse Watters, Motley Whore Kimberly Guilfoyle, and Space Cadet former Bush II blowjob queen Dana Perino was created and set up to be exactly what it is – an in your face, open, and insulting “popular kids party” run and led by Jews.
This makes you (the viewer) feel like you should either adopt their sick subliminal (political) messages or run the risk of being “left behind” and being excluded from the “cool kids on the block.”
How this awful “show” passes for “news” on prime time television (5-6 PM each and every day) is a testament to the monumental stupidity and gullibility of the mainstream American viewership.
I went to an elitist, snobby and stuck-up prep school nestled in Connecticut back in the 1980s. This television show reminds me of how the “popular Jewish kids” at the prep school set up their little “cliques” in order to coerce and “shame” the other students to think, act, believe, behave, and adopt the value systems of the most powerful and richest kids in the school – the Jews – while dwarfing and crushing everyone else.
The unspoken subtext of every issue discussed is, “Is it good for the Jews?” Greg Gutfield, a Jew, is the leader of the pack, big man on campus. The other four panelists represent a varied demographic who give assent to what the Jews want you to believe.

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