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Introduction — Dec 31, 2017

While the Western media is making much of protests in Iran, it is providing a rather biased perspective. Playing down suggestions of the involvement of ISIS.

It’s notable that those photos published in the Western media of the protests usually only feature individual protesters, like the above, or small groups not large crowds. Suggesting that the protests may not be as large as reported. Note also that protesters faces are conveniently covered, to prevent identification of participants. Click to enlarge

For example, while the BBC, CNN and Al-Jazeera have prominently reported the deaths of two protesters in Dorud, Lorestan province, they’ve only mentioned in passing that local authorities have blamed the deaths on activists associated with Islamic State.
In other words the Western media is playing down any suggestion that militants associated with Islamic State were involved in the protests.
Yet we know that Islamic State was extensively involved in the recent strife in Syria and Iraq, and that in Syria the armed conflict initially started with anti-government protests in 2011. Before it escalated into a bloody war involving western-backed Sunni militants, most of whom were not even Syrian.
Referred to by Iranians as Takfiri militants, Islamic State (otherwise known as ISIL, Daesh of Isis) the Sunni extremists were backed and financed by the West and its allies in the gulf states and used to sow strife in Iraq and Syria
So why not try the same ploy with Iran? After all, regime change in Iran is still very much on the West’s agenda and while Trump maybe reluctant to confront Iran directly, fomenting protests and unrest is still a cheap and easy option.
What’s more having failed in Iraq and Syria, many of the armed militants have been evacuated with Western help. Thousands of ISIS fighters were secretly allowed to leave Raqqa with their arms and ammunition. Not only did the U.S. know about this, but American helicopters are alleged to have actively assisted in the evacuation.
Why? Is the U.S. and its allies now planning a similar conflict in Iran using ISIS militants? If so this maybe doomed to fail, as it was in Syria and Iraq, but don’t expect the corporate media whores to tell you what is really happening. Most of them are entirely beholden to western intelligence so we can expect very biased reporting and outright disinformation on events unfolding in Iran. Ed

Two Iran protest deaths ’caused by foreign agents’, local governor says

Michael Daventry — Dec 31, 2017

Protests at Tehran University. Again the protesters seem to number no more than a few dozens individuals who are far outneumbered by onlookers, in the background. Click to enlarge

Protests at Tehran University. Again the protesters seem to number no more than a few dozen individuals who are far outnumbered by onlookers, in the background. Click to enlarge

An Iranian governor blamed “foreign agents” for the deaths of two demonstrators on Saturday, as the country was hit by street protests for the third day running.

Crowds confronted police and threw stones in the capital Tehran, including around the city’s main university, in what are the most serious anti-government demonstrations since 2009.

There were also protests in other cities.

Footage shared on social media from the city of Dorud showed what appeared to be the bodies of two young men covered in blood as a voice is heard saying they were killed when riot police fired on protesters.

But Habibollah Khojastehpour, the deputy governor of Lorestan province, said in an interview on state television on Sunday that police had not been involved.

“No shots were fired by the police and security forces. We have found evidence of enemies of the revolution, Takfiri groups and foreign agents in this clash,” he added.

Takfiri is a term used for Sunni militants particularly from the Islamic State (ISIS) group.

Dozens of protesters have been arrested since Thursday, triggering condemnation from the United States.

President Donald Trump tweeted: “The entire world understands that the good people of Iran want change, and, other than the vast military power of the United States, that Iran’s people are what their leaders fear the most.

“Oppressive regimes cannot endure forever, and the day will come when the Iranian people will face a choice. The world is watching!”

But the Iranian government said its people saw “no value” to Trump’s “opportunistic claims”.

Tens of thousands of people attended counter-marches in support of the regime on Saturday.


Iran: Government supporters rally in Tehran following unrest

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