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News Brief — July 22, 2017

Iraqi Vice President Maliki. Click to enlarge

It’s official. Iraq’s Vice President Nouri al-Maliki is now saying what many “conspiracy theorists” and alternative news outlets have been saying for some time now.
The U.S. and its allies helped create ISIS (otherwise known as Islamic State, ISIL or Daesh), while Saudi Arabia and other gulf emirates bankrolled the militant group. The multiple names by which the group is known is simply a ploy to confuse serious investigators.
While Iraq’s vice president acknowledged that the U.S. had assisted in recapturing Mosul, he also noted that it had contributed to the emergence of ISIS in the first place.
IS resembles the Taliban which was created by the US administration to counter the USSR in Afghanistan. The same way, IS was created to counter the Iraqi stance, which did not agree to blockade Syria, was against no-fly zones in Syria and against American military bases,” he stated.
The Iraqi society is against foreign military bases on the country’s territory,” al-Maliki told RIA, adding that he has already warned the Americans against “coming back to Iraq and setting up bases here.” (Quoted in Russia Today)
As significant as al-Maliki’s statement is it has been accorded almost no coverage in the western mainstream media. The few English language news outlets that did report al-Maliki’s claim are either Russian, Serbian or independent. None of the major Western news outlets has mentioned it.
The Iraqi vice president’s charge echo earlier accusations by Hezbollah Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah.
“Friends of the United States in Lebanon, friends of the United States in the region. Your friend the United States and your friend Hillary Clinton said that Saudi Arabia and other countries operating in its name are those who financed the activities of ISIS in the region, helped it, strengthened it and made it easier for it,” Nasrallah was quoted as saying by Israel National News.
Commenting on the capture of Mosul, Nasrallah blasted United States officials who said that it would take “at least three years” to defeat the militants.
Of course that was before Russia’s decisive intervention sent the militants reeling.
After the original U.S. campaign against ISIS, which had begun in June 2014 and made little headway, Russia stepped in at the end of September 2015. Moscow’s intervention proved to be the real game changer and by contrast illustrated how half-hearted the Western military campaign had been against their proxies. Ed.
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