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Henry Holloway — The Daily Star June 18, 2017

F-18. Click to enlarge

US military bosses have confirmed their F/A-18 fighter jet shot down a Syrian government SU-22 attack plane over Syria.

US commander said the plane was shot down “in collective self-defense of Coalition-partnered forces”.

They also said that coalition aircraft prevented Syrian forces from advance to SDF positions south of Tabqa.

This is understood to be the first time the US have shot down a Syrian plane since entering the conflict.

The Syrian Army claim the attack plane was actually flying a mission to bomb ISIS fighters.

The latest conflict comes after Donald Trump launches cruise missiles at a Syrian air base sparking the fury of Russia back in April.

War-torn Syria is one of the world’s most volatile regions with forces of Syrian rebels, the Syrian government, ISIS, the US-coalition and Russia all taking military action.

The pilot of the aircraft remains missing as tensions reach look set to climb to a new high in the Middle East.

More to follow.


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