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Introduction — Dec 6, 2017

A convoy of US armoured vehicles near the northern Syrian city of Manbij in March 2017. Click to enlarge

Despite Pentagon claims, U.S. forces are not staying in Syria to prevent a return of ISIS. The Emirates-sponsored Sunni extremists were largely defeated with the help of Russia and Iran. The U.S. had little to do with the defeat of a terror group that it helped covertly to arm and assist.
In fact, according to the Syrian Foreign Ministry:
“The presence of the US forces or any foreign military presence in Syria without the consent of the Syrian government constitutes an act of aggression and an attack on the sovereignty of the Syrian Arab Republic,” Syria’s state-run news agency quoted an unnamed source in the Foreign Ministry as saying…
The report carried by Rudaw called the U.S. presence a “gross violation of the Charter and principles of the United Nations.”
However, like they say: nature abhors a vacuum. So U.S. troops will likely remain in order to prevent the expansion of Iranian influence following the defeat of the Western proxies. There is simply no other reason for them to be there. Ed.

US military to stay in Syria ‘as long as we need to’: Pentagon

AFP — Dec 5, 2017

The US military plans to stay in Syria as long as necessary to ensure the Islamic State group does not return, a Pentagon official told AFP on Tuesday.

“We are going to maintain our commitment on the ground as long as we need to, to support our partners and prevent the return of terrorist groups,” Pentagon spokesman Eric Pahon said.

The United States currently has approximately 2,000 troops on the ground in Syria, where they have been helping train and advise partner forces in the fight against IS.

Now that the jihadists have been cleared from all but a few pockets of territory, the United States has been assessing what its presence will be going forward in the civil-war-torn nation.

Pahon said its troop commitment in Syria would be “conditions-based,” meaning that no timeline will determine if and when the US will pull out.

“To ensure an enduring defeat of ISIS, the coalition must ensure it cannot regenerate, reclaim lost ground, or plot external attacks,” he said.

“This is essential to the protection of our homeland as well as to defend our allies and partners…. The United States will sustain a ‘conditions-based’ military presence in Syria to combat the threat of a terrorist-led insurgency, prevent the resurgence of ISIS, and to stabilize liberated areas.”

The announcement is likely to rile Russia, which since late 2015 has conducted a separate military campaign to prop up the regime of President Bashar al-Assad.


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