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Introduction — July 7, 2017

Commenting on the anti-G20 protests in Hamburg, Germany, a correspondent who is based in Germany noted:
There are organised demonstrations in Hamburg against the current summit under the banner of “Welcome to hell.”
This is no joke. This is how the German media are reporting the demos.
Am I the only person to think that the powers that (still) are, are firstly giving the masses a not so subtle hint as to the satanist agenda of the NWO and who is really behind the demos? And secondly, is the so far (successful) goal to create so much unrest as to justify a whole raft of further repressive measures for the police state?
PS Brian Gerrish from predicted this. He was asking why the meeting was not held at a remote country location like one previously in Bavaria?

Thousands of Leftist Extremists Rampage in G20 ‘Welcome to Hell’ March

Chris Tomlinson — July 7, 2017

Thousands of far-left activists and black-bloc extremists began protests against the G20 summit with their “Welcome to Hell” march against the police, the state, and capitalism, resulting in clashes.

The event was the first large protest to take place during the G20 summit, which officially kicks off on Friday, and is expected to see violence. Far-left extremists using so-called “black-bloc” tactics are expected to clash with the over 10,000 police who have been called in to manage security for the meeting between global leaders.


The protests started out peacefully during the early afternoon on Thursday, with many Antifa left-extremists taking part in the march. Hamburg authorities believe that extremists came to Hamburg from all across Europe to attend the demonstration.

Police also feared large-scale violence after the discovery of a large “weapons cache” in two residences in Rostock this week. Authorities say they found flammable liquids in containers, multiple knives, batons, and unknown chemicals.

Authorities arrested two men and are considering bringing charges of attempting to form a terrorist group against the pair.

Welcome to hell march

Open borders activists were also present at the march, holding a banner reading “Ferries not Frontex”. Frontex, the European Union border agency, has accused pro-migrant rescue NGOs of encouraging more migrants to make the voyage from Africa to Europe. Others have called the NGOs a “taxi service”, claiming they work with people smugglers to bring migrants to Europe.


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