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This testimony was originally posted by “Technoir” in the David Icke forum in May 2010 and updated in December 2010.
They offered to set him up for life but the price was too high.
Makow comment: I always felt society suffered from a spiritual malaise. Now I know the cause.

by “Technoir” — (Slightly abridged by

I am a Male 25 years old living in Canada.
Approximately four years ago when I reached the age of 21, I was asked to be become a Freemason, an offer which I declined for a number of reasons. Before I get into more details, I feel I should give some background information as to why I was selected.
I am Canadian, and I had recently graduated from The University of Western Ontario (UWO) in London, Ontario with a degree in Economics. UWO is nicknamed The University of Wealthy Ontario and is well known for its non-stop party atmosphere. In the 1980’s, Playboy Magazine named it the school with the sexiest women in North America, to give you an idea of what kind of a school it is.
My father is a multi-millionaire who made his fortune through a combination of investments in real estate and equities. My education was financed entirely by my father, but I still had a part-time job at the local daily newspaper, The London Free Press. Even though it is a local paper, it [dominated] the daily newspaper market in London and the surrounding area with a circulation of approximately 150,000.
This is an important piece of information, since we all know that Masonry is prevalent even in local media. We also know that anything that is published even on that scale is heavily censored and used to manipulate of the readership.
I had heard about Freemasonry before, and knew that they were an immensely powerful organization, but I never thought I would become one since I always considered myself a maverick-type personality, an independent thinker who didn’t even join clubs at University or even support school sports teams.


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